Company Profile

Luckey's Management is one of South Florida's premier hotel development and management companies. This privately owned company is driven by a simple philosophy: exercise a robust growth strategy that results in the development of new properties in ideal locations in coveted markets. From our first property, Luckey's Motel in 1991, the company has rapidly expanded its portfolio to a collection of fine hotel brands that are associated with Marriott, Hilton, and InterContinental Hotels Group. The timely integration of technology and process systems has profoundly impacted operational efficiency and competitiveness for every brand.

We stand proud of our leadership excellence in the hotel industry and our reputation for delivering exceptional service to our guests. We specialize in maintaining safe, clean, and attractive hotel properties at every location. We do so by supporting environmental initiatives and investing in our associates; we maintain a culture that systematically promotes the personal and professional development of each individual and rewards their accomplishments.


The vision of Luckey's Management is to lead hotel development and management into a domain that exceeds today's innovation, operational efficiency, employee proficiency and commitment, excellence in guest service and experience, strategic opportunities, and increased profits.


The mission of Luckey's Management is to be regarded as a distinguished developer and manager of reputable hotel brands in coveted markets; to exercise sound management and operational practices at all hotel locations; and to engage cost-effective strategies and a balanced approach in achieving consistent growth and increased returns. We aim to deliver customer service excellence that will enhance the guest experience at every encounter; and to empower every associate to carry out their roles responsibly and enthusiastically, and to be the best that they can be.

Core Values

The Luckey's Management family is committed to a set of core values that decidedly clears the path for quality service, personal development, diversity, and achievement:

Quality Service

We work diligently and consistently to earn the satisfaction and loyalty of each of our guests by providing only exceptional service. Maintaining safe, clean, and attractive hotel properties with all the right amenities is our commitment to those we serve. Our primary focus is on providing world class service always, not on the number of properties we can add to our portfolio.

Personal Development and Recognition

We believe in empowering our associates to perform beyond expectations. We promote on-going strategic training and development, as well as communication among employees on all levels. Associates have an opportunity to provide feedback and influence decision-making. Exemplary performance is consistently rewarded.


We promote a culture of inclusiveness, cooperation, and camaraderie among all associates. Recognition of the value of varying points of view spurs innovative solutions to challenges and a spirit of entrepreneurialism.


We take our role and reputation in the hospitality industry very seriously and are committed to the founder's vision for the company. We exercise leadership, responsibility, accountability, integrity, and ethical considerations in achieving the goals of the company. We welcome big and small wins and celebrate every milestone.